Velma Teems RN Testimonial

When we were asked to share a Nursing Testimony I asked the Lord to bring to mind the one He wanted me to share and He did just that. This was one of the sweetest experiences I ever had in nursing as it was me who received the blessing through my patient.

It took place during my last job I had before retiring. I was working as the Director of Nursing in a small long term care facility. This facility also had a small complex of apartments for independent & assisted living. I was blessed to be able to stay in one of the apartments during the week and then I would go back home on the weekends. I got to know the residents quite well. Between the complex and the nursing side was a beautiful little chapel that was always open and always had the old hymns playing in the background. I loved going in there just to sit on the back pew in the corner listening to the music & feel the presence of the Holy Spirit surrounding me. I would often start my day in there and frequently go in there just to unwind after one of those stressful days of nursing.

Nursing management is stressful to say the least but in a small facility the DON often wears many hats. This particular day was a nightmare of dealing with family, residents, staff and problems of long care!!! I needed to get away for a little bit to rewind and chill out so I went to my favorite place…the back pew corner! I was trying to pray but it was more like ‘complaining’ to the Lord. As I was pondering the situation I heard a power wheel chair coming in & looked up to see a little old gentleman who lived in the complex pulling up next to a pew a couple rows up & across from me. He didn’t see me in the corner as he was on a mission of his own. I knew this man well as he had stayed in the nursing side a couple of times and we often went to his apartment to help him. He had very little strength in his legs and needed help in and out of bed. I assumed he was going stay in his chair and pray but that was not the case. I watched with fear as he maneuvered his legs one at a time over the side of the chair and held on to the back of the pew and lowered himself to the seat. Then he reached down and lowered the kneeling bench and slowly put himself in a kneeling position and prayed! Not a quick prayer…he was talking with his Father!! Oh my goodness, the tears started rolling because of the shame I felt for having a complaining spirit & not being on my knees due to arthritis. Once he finished praying he got back up, put the kneeling bench back into place and got into his chair just like he got out, slowly and purposely. He saw me on his way out and smiled and waved. My goal of rewinding and chilling out was met but not the way I expected. Once I asked forgiveness for my attitude I was able to go back and face the challenges of the day with a new spirit.

This little gentleman blessed me many times throughout the years I worked there. He now resides in Heaven and I know I will see him again some sweet day.

Velma Teems RN

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