Respite Care in Florida

Florida has one of the largest senior populations  based on  a national senses. Our state also has a wide range of 55+ Senior communities, most provide superior amenities. Living in the Sunshine state is very popular due to the top notch medical facilities that almost caters to our seniors- one of the main attractions for attracting seniors to Florida.

Just imagine:

   For Independent living in Florida will cost an estimated $2600 per month

Respite care typically refers to a short-term stay at a senior community, usually an assisted living  community. Respite care is a great living option for an elderly or disabled person who needs some day-to-day supportive services, but still desires social stimulation, engagement and activities. This type of care can also sometimes refer to in-home caregiving services used for only a short period.

Since this state has more than 800+ assisted living facilities the plus is that most offer respite care.  Seeing that this is  a great way to assist families by offering care for their ailing family member  when needed.  Allot of the respite care services is available on long term or short term basis .

With this service for most facilities Respite care may or may not include the following:

          24-hour supervision (medical and security)

          Assistance with personal needs (if necessary)

          Housekeeping, Laundry

          Medical management

          Three (3) meals per day

          Transportation to appointments


Now upon examining and comparing the cost for these services at ALF (assisted living facilities)  for a month it averages $75-200 per day according to 2012 data.  Please remember you  get what  you pay for…the price is heavily  determined by the services and care they offer… Florida does offer financial programs that you may qualify for as it pertains to respite care.   You are not alone when it comes to respite care in Florida.

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