Nurses Professionalism


1.  The nursing process: assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate (ADPIE)

2.  Nursing is a 24/7 operation that requires teamwork -do your best to prioritize
and work safely & pass on the rest.

3.  Organize tasks by “must do” (within 30 minutes), “should do” (within 4 hours),
and “could do” (before end of shift)

4.  When the number of tasks to be done seems out of control, stop and take a deep
breath, even a 5-second break can help!

5.  Five rights for delegating care: right person, right task, right circumstances, right
direction, right supervision

6.  Take the lead to inspire teamwork -pitch in and help your colleagues. Perhaps
others will follow your lead!

7.  Key to a fulfilling work life…have a goal and focus on working toward it; goal
should be realistic & attainable.

8.  When caring for an abuse victim – establish trusting relationship, treat immediate
injuries, record factual account, & refer to top

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