Andrea Rackley RN BSN Testimonial

As nurses we are so privileged to be able to practice in a profession that allows us to integrate science and to employ

Christ-like virtues such as goodness, trustworthiness, faith, and my personal favorite…HOPE in the clinical setting.

In the Critical Care Unit, I have the opportunity to care for members of the community who are often times at the end of their rope. They are physically depleted from disease processes that plague their bodies and some have impaired abilities to integrate and experience meaning and purpose into their lives as a result of suffering.

Nurses are in a unique position help to alleviate this spiritual distress.

I had the opportunity to pray with a quadriplegic patient who dealt with chronic pain for a few years. Upon interviewing him, he told me he would like for me to pray for him that his Faith wouldn’t fail him. So we prayed to Jesus Christ for strength and for continued hope that he could live out the remainder of his life with his faith intact, his spirit in harmony with God, and for a community of support around him.

He cried and he thanked me for praying with him.

I praise God for moments like this at the bedside where His Presence would be invited in to minister to those who require Him as a vital necessity in life.

A servant leader

Andrea Rackley, RN-BSN

Critical Care

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